Hardwood Veneer and Treated Building Materials For Rough And Finish Carpentry

Our FSC®-Certified veneer, plywood and lumber (FSC®-C148179) is sourced from local, responsibly-managed forests. At Re/New Lumber Company, we are passionate about promoting and supporting responsible practices throughout the construction industry. We simplify the procurement process by maintaining inventory of the dimensions and grades you need, in-stock and ready to ship.

Good For The Planet


Lumber and plywood sourced from responsibly managed, FSC®-Certified forests have the lowest lifecycle cost and environmental impact of any construction material. Benefits include reduced risk of forest fires, improved air quality, and animal habitat conservation.

Good For People


Studies have shown that employees who work in green buildings and people who live in green buildings sleep more soundly at night, are more productive at work, and earn higher cognitive scores.

Returns Above Additional Costs


Green buildings yield up to 10 times the financial benefit over the additional cost associated with building green, thanks to lower energy and water use, lower environmental costs, lower operating costs, and increased health and productivity.