FSC®-Certified Plywood

Douglas Fir, White Fir, Hem-Fir, S-P-F
Available in Pressure Treated (ACQ) and Fire Treated KDAT

NAUF 4×8′ Sheets

Available Sizes:
3/8” CDX
15/32” CDX
19/32” CDX
23/32” CDX
1/4” ACX
11/32” ACX
15/32” ACX
19/32” ACX
23/32” ACX
23/32” BBOES
23/32” T&G Underlayment Full Face
¾” MDO G1S
¾” MDO G2S

Re/New Plywood

*CDX and ACX can be quoted in other thicknesses and 4×10’ length as required.
**Marine Plywood, Siding, and alternate MDO/HDO panels available to quote

FSC® Mix (SCS-COC-006748)

Applicable Grade Standard:

APA – The Engineered Wood Association Performance rated plywood panels are manufactured and graded to Voluntary Product Standard PS 1-09 and carry the APA Trademark with all relevant information.

Serving the Western United States and Canada, including

• Los Angeles
• San Francisco
• Portland
• Seattle
• Vancouver BC
• Boise
• Salt Lake City
• Las Vegas
• Phoenix
…and beyond!

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