FSC® Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure Treated Douglas Fir, White Fir, Hem-Fir, S-P-F

Pressure Treated WoodPressure impregnating lumber and plywood with Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) protects it against decay, fungi, and wood-destroying insect attack. For certain end uses and climates, pressure treated wood is specified and recommended for exterior use above ground, ground contact, and fresh water contact. Foundation framing (posts, beams, sill plates) bulkheads, retaining walls, noise barriers, decks, docks, and sheathing in tropical regions are among numerous applications.

  • AWPA standardized to meet all major model building code requirements
  • US Lifetime Residential and Agricultural Limited Warranty against structural damage caused by decay and termites
  • Approved for points toward National Green Building Certification to the ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard

FSC®-Certified Pressure Treated Lumber

2×4 8-16’ #2/Btr S4S ACQ .40 Brown Tone
2×6 8-16’ #2/Btr S4S ACQ .40 Brown Tone
2×8 8-16’ #2/Btr S4S ACQ .40 Brown Tone
2×10 8-16’ #2/Btr S4S ACQ .40 Brown Tone
2×12 8-16’ #2/Btr S4S ACQ .40 Brown Tone

4×4 8-10’ #2/Btr S4S ACQ .40 Brown Tone
4×6 8-10’ #2/Btr S4S ACQ .40 Brown Tone

Lumber Surface Dry or KDAT to 19% MC or less, as per specification

FSC®-Certified Pressure Treated Plywood NAUF

NAUF 4×8′ Sheets

15/32” 4×8′ CDX 5-Ply Struc 1 ACQ KDAT
19/32” 4×8′ CDX ACQ KDAT
23/32” 4×8′ CDX ACQ KDAT

Plywood KDAT to 15% MC

*Alternate Treatments available upon request (CCA, Borate, Penta, etc.) depending on end use specification.

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